Why Style Matters More Than You Think At The Gym

Why on earth should you even care about how you look at the gym, you may ask. Does it really matter? The gym is a place to go train and sweat, not a place we want to look stylish at…

Indeed, you should not get ready to go to the gym the same way you do when you go out to party and socialize. And yet, the way you look at the gym may have more impact than you think!

What if I told you that what you wear at the gym can greatly impact your performance? In this post, I share with you the top reasons you want to look good and be stylish at the gym, other than for the sake of looking gorgeous!

How important is look and style at the gym for women fitness and weight training


The confidence you have in yourself, in your ability to push your limits and achieve your objectives is crucial in the gym. If you’re not feeling confident, how are you going to make those last 2 reps? How are you going to stand your ground on the squat rack? Or how are you gonna feel good in your body and enjoy your session?

When at the gym, you need to believe in yourself and feel strong! So what’s the link with style exactly? Well, what your wear and how you look greatly affects how you feel and how you see yourself.

Think about it this way: You enter the gym wearing your favourite pair of leggings, the ones that make your booty look so good, with your new cropped top freshly delivered and your hair tied up in a high ponytail that will have you looking like a fitness model.

Now imagine you instead step into the gym with your baggy pair of leggings, the ones that also serve as your second pyjamas, and wearing the first tank top you found lying on the floor.

So, which situation makes you feel the most confident and powerful, ready to tackle your gym session and give it your all?

look your best at the gym to boost your confidence and performance

Exactly. And that’s why style at the gym matters. Look your best so you can perform your best. The same way you wouldn’t feel confident going to a job interview underdressed, you don’t want to hit the gym without having made the right efforts!


Not only will looking sharp increase your confidence, but it will also help boost your performance. First of all, being in a better mood and feeling good about your abilities to lift will help set yourself up for success.

Second, a flattering outfit that makes your body look at its best can have a tremendous impact at times when your mind thinks you can’t lift the bar anymore. A quick glimpse in the mirror and seeing yourself at your best will help you squeeze a few more reps in!

That being said, don’t check yourself out too much as it could take your focus away from your workouts!

Boost your fitness performance by wearing the right outfit


How could you be more comfy than in your old joggers that you love so much you ask? Actually, athletic brands have done a decent job at creating clothes that are both stylish and useful in the gym.

Having the right gym outfit and equipment can really make the difference between a comfortable workout and a gym session full of struggle.

Choose your outfit and equipment according to your specific needs. Whether you need a squat proof pair of leggings, a supporting sports bra, flat shoes, or a sweat wicking top, it’s an investment that will truly make the difference in the gym.

Choose the right outfit to be comfy and stylish at the gym


With a lot of new lifestyle clothing brands on the market recently, there are many options to choose from when you shop for specialized and technical weight training outfits that also look pretty.

Go for options that are both convenient and stylish, and not only will you look good and confident, but you’ll also enjoy your gym sessions more!


A consequence of not paying attention to your look at the gym and not feeling at your best is that you will soon associate going to the gym with an unpleasant experience, something that you dread doing.

If you don’t feel at ease in the gym, you’re gonna find excuses to start skipping your workouts, or maybe start training at home. Eventually, you might end up giving up training altogether! This is a trap you can avoid by turning the gym into a more pleasant experience.

Boost your motivation with new accessories and outfit to love the gym again women fitness


Changing the way you look won’t make you magically fall in love with going to the gym. However, it might be the extra push that you need to feel better and like the person you become when you workout, maybe even long enough so that you start loving the experience fully!

It doesn’t hurt to try. Get yourself the right wardrobe and gym accessories for the job and see how the rest unfolds.


We all have highs and lows in our motivation levels when it comes to working out. Sometimes, however, some periods of low motivation can last a bit longer than usual and can be tricky to get out of. What to do then? You sure don’t wanna fall off the wagon, not after so many efforts!

One way to help create a small motivation boost is to get some new workout gear. I remember the first time I bought some weight lifting gloves, I couldn’t wait to run to the gym and start lifting to try them out.


Whether you choose to get yourself a new pair of leggings, new pair of sneakers, or a nice barbell pad to help with your squats or hip thrusts, it might just be what you need to get you back in the gym and regain motivation!

More generally, looking good at the gym will have you more excited and motivated to hit the gym than if you look sloppy. Even if you think it doesn’t matter to you, or you don’t like the fact that it might, your look plays an important role!


Do you want to be your gym’s tourist? Wait, the what? C’mon, every gym has one. You know, that person who just doesn’t look like they fit in the picture. Sometimes in flip flops, wearing jeans, or with 3 layers of makeup on.

We’re not judging here, just saying that not only do you want to be comfortable at the gym, but you also want to look appropriate.

Dressing in a workout outfit and having the right equipment will make you feel like you belong there, and that you have your place in the gym, like anyone else. It will also prevent other gym goers from staring at you, which is always a plus to have a pleasant workout.


So here you have them, the 7 reasons why you should care about your style at the gym. Having said all of this, we don’t recommend that you go to the other extreme. Some people will spend a lot of time getting ready before hitting the gym, making the whole process unnecessarily long.

You will generally notice these people going back to the changing room in between exercises to make sure their hair and makeup is still on point.

Be stylish to a point where you feel confident and powerful. Wear clothes that make you feel amazing about yourself  to give you an extra push when you need it the most.





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